Threaded Inserts for Plastic Injection Molding

Threaded Inserts for Plastic Injection Molding

Precision plastic mold parts free forging process can be divided into basic processes, auxiliary processes and fine earned three major categories of processes. The auxiliary process is the pre-deformation process for the convenience of the basic process operation, such as pressure jaws, pressure dies edge, pressure shoulder and so on. Precision plastic mold parts processing the basic process is to change the shape of the blank, size to obtain the required forging process.

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threaded inserts for plastic injection molding

Hardness54-60 HRC
Grinding Accuracy0.002mm
Discharge Accuracy±0.003mm
Grind Clear Anglemax=0.02
Discharge Anglemax=0.05
Grinding Finishra=0.13
Discharge Finishra=0.24-0.4
Wire Cutting Finish

threaded inserts for plastic injection molding of the basic processes of the main processes are the following. 

1) Upsetting. Reduce the height of the billet and increase the cross-sectional area. Upsetting is the most commonly used process for free-forging production. Round billet height to diameter ratio should be less than 2.5, otherwise, easy forging bend; billet heating temperature should be within the maximum allowable temperature range in order to eliminate defects and reduce the deformation resistance. Mainly used for disc type workpiece, but also can be used as an auxiliary process before punching.

2)Long. The billet cross-sectional area decreases, the length of the process. Blank blanking length should be greater than the diameter or side length; In order to achieve the required forging ratio and change the internal structure of the metal, forging, often alternate with the upsetting repeated use. Pull the concave profile or step before the shoulder should be pressured; rectangular billet to pull constantly to pull, so as to avoid eccentric or bending. For shaft, rod forgings production can also be used to improve the quality of forgings. 

3) Punching. Out of the workpiece hole or hole through the process. The Available solid hole diameter of less than 450mm punching; Available hollow hole diameter greater than 450mm; hole diameter less than 30mm generally do not punch out. Blank material before punching should be upsetting to improve the billet organizational performance and reduce the depth of punching.



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