Mold Insert

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Mold Insert Product Description

Product Description
Year pointer insert part can change from positive, unnecessary to take apart the mold, and the inner insert part still smooth when rotary the pointer insert part

Mold Insert Feature
Date insert stamp HASCO/O mold part
1. Inner insert can not be removed from front, but be removed from the mould parting in the machine after dismantle the mold
2. Inner insert are replaceable, cost reduction
3. Low-wear design
4. The dowel pin holes on the bottom and the sides are used to stop the date stamps
5. Position with inner ball bearing arrows indicate exactly

Mold Insert Specification/Models
Type: Z48/6, Z48/8, Z48/12, Z48/16, Z48/20;

Mold Insert Application
Specializing in the production date marked pins of plastic injection mould

Mold Insert Other Information
Mould Date Indicator & Mould Date INdicator Re-cycling
We also provide: - Customizing (special-made) Plastic mould Components according to customers drawing specification

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