How To Improve The Quality And Life Of Die Accessories Punch?

- Jan 06, 2018 -

First of all to understand the type of punch and the use of materials:

Punch: also known as red needles, die, punch stick, Chong nail, punch, die.

Types of Punches: Standard Punches, B Punches, A Punches, Draw Punches A, Draw Punches MP, Draw Punches SP, Lead Punches BPP, Lead Punches APP Type, conical punch, conical double punch, A type three punch, the standard child Chong, shaped punch, shaped punch, also known as molding punch.

Forming punch: sub-SAD-type four-point punch, SAR-type four-R punch, SAG-type bilateral punch, SAE-type elliptical punch, SAT-type triangular punch, SAS-type hexagonal punch. There fan fan, crescent punch and so on. Titanium-plated punch:

The production of punch materials are: SKD-11, SKH-51, SKH-9, ASP-23, ASP-60, M42.

In recent years, the competition of die punch manufacturing industry in the world has become fiercer and fiercer. The ability of enterprises to provide personalized high-quality products to customers efficiently and cost-effectively in the shortest time has become the competitiveness of enterprises A sign. Die is known as the father of industry, mold parts punch quality level, will have a direct impact on the quality of the product, output, cost, new product launch and replacement of old products cycle, product structure adjustment speed and market competitiveness, therefore Economic situation on the quality of the mold parts punch put forward higher and higher requirements. So how can we improve the quality of die punch more reasonable? In other words, how to make the die punch in the high-precision, low cost, high efficiency conditions, more time and more die to produce the quality of the parts it? This has become more and more the focus of attention. Die punch quality is not a simple topic, which includes the following aspects:

⑴ Die punch quality: product size stability, compliance, punch surface finish, punch material utilization, etc .; in the mold structure design, as compact as possible, easy to operate, but also to ensure that die punch parts There is sufficient strength and rigidity; in the die punch structure allows, the mold punch parts of the surface of the corners should be designed as far as possible fillet transition, in order to avoid stress concentration; for the die, the cavity and part of the punch, the core , The combination or needle structure can be used to eliminate the stress concentration, slender punch or core, and appropriate protective measures should be taken on the structure; for the cold die, the device for preventing the blockage of parts or waste Pin, compressed air, etc.). At the same time, but also consider how to reduce the impact of sliding parts and frequent impact with wear pieces in the long-term impact on the quality of the punch.

⑵ Die punch life: under the premise of ensuring the quality punch, die punch can be completed by the number of work cycles or the production of the number of parts;

⑶ die punch the use of maintenance: whether it is the most convenient to use, easy stripping, production aids time as short as possible;

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