Hot Runner Mould

- Sep 01, 2017 -

With the help of heating device, the pouring system of plastic will not solidify, also will not follow the product demoulding, so also known as the flow-free mode. Advantages: 1 No scrap 2) can reduce injection pressure, can be used in multiple cavities 3) to shorten the molding period of 4) to improve the quality of products suitable for hot runner mold plastic features: 5 Plastic melting temperature range is wider. Low temperature, good fluidity, high temperature, good thermal stability. 6 pressure-sensitive, no pressure does not flow, but pressure can flow. 7 The heat is good, in order to cool quickly in the mold. Available hot runner plastic has PE, ABS, POM, PC, HIPS, PS. There are two kinds of hot runner: 1 and hot runner Mold 2.

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