Injection Molding Cavity

Injection Molding Cavity

Hymolding had been certified according to ISO9001:2000 and turning into one of the leading manufacturers in the market.

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Injection molding cavity




T/T or  western union


1) This type of slide core unit  is fitted to the ejector plate

2)It contain the molding lifter plate parts

3)After molding ,eject the inner uneven slide core with the slide plate parts within the slide stroke,then the plastic can be push out from the mold .

Additional information

Our main products include high precision mould components such as ejector pins,Slide retainters,Latch lock,Date Stamps,Locating unit, Ejector series,Air poppet valves,Cooling system,Ejector pins.We are familiar with HASCO, D-M-E, JIS, CUMSA, PROGRESSIUE,STRACK,SUPERIOR standard, etc. We can also design and produce customized products to meet our customers' special requirements.


Within 6-8 work days

Hymolding had been certified according to ISO9001:2000 and turning into one of the leading manufacturers in the market.

Our Prodouts:
. Slide retainters:
Slide holding devices, Slide lock, 2 Latch lock units: Latch Lock,Parting lock set,lock plate,parting locks
. Date insert units:
Date Stamps,Date Inserts,Double Date Stamps,Multi Date Stamps, Reference Inserts
. Locating elements:
Straight side interlocks, X-style Straight slide interlocks, Square interlock,Tapered interlocks, Taper pin sets
. Ejector devices:
Two-stage ejector, Accelerated knock-outs,slide core units, Lifter
. Ejector Series:
Ejector pin, Ejector blades ,Shouldered ejector pins,Ejectorsleeves, Leader pin/Guide pin, Guide bush, Angle pin,Shoulder guide bushing, Sprung Cores ,Air poppet valves
. Cooling elements:
Spiral plug baffles ,Straight plug baffles ,Threadless pressure plugs, Jiffy Connectors, Pipe plugs,Heat pipe
others : Mold Counterviews,Sprue bushing, Locating ring ect.
Our Main Markets: 60% Chinese domestic markets, and 40% oversea markets which covered Europe and America,Mid-east, such as Germany, UK, Portugal, Finland, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia , India, South Korea, etc.
Our Brands: Since 2002, we had created two brands - Datong Precision and Cumsi

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