Plastic Mold

  • Plastic Mold Parts

    Plastic Mold Parts

    Hymolding is a manufacturer specializing in plastic mold parts and other precision mould parts. Our quality products are used in many fields such as precision stamping mould, plastic mould, auto...

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  • Injection Molded Parts

    Injection Molded Parts

    Urethane samples in 3-4 weeks (1-10 parts can be molded per day) Injection molded samples in 6-8 weeks (100’s of parts can be molded per day) All lead times are dependent upon material, finish,...

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  • Plastic Injection Molded Parts

    Plastic Injection Molded Parts

    Grasping the above mentioned five kinds of plastic mold components processing information, in order to accurately make high quality and Plastic injection molded parts .

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  • Plastic Injection Mold Components

    Plastic Injection Mold Components

    Our services
    1. Offers the one stop service from drawing design to the surface treatment.
    2. Advanced equipment including CNC processing center, EDM, Miller.Grinder.

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Get high quality plastic mold made in China from professional manufacturer and supplier here. Specialized in plastic mold manufacturing, making and process, we welcome various companies to enjoy good service with our maker.