Mold Insert

  • Plastic Injection Mold Components Insert

    Plastic Injection Mold Components Insert

    Our services
    1. Offers the one stop service from drawing design to the surface treatment.
    2. Advanced equipment including CNC processing center, EDM, Miller.Grinder.

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  • Mould Maker ODM PIN

    Mould Maker ODM PIN

    1.ODM & OEM
    2.Accuracy for grinding: 0.001mm
    3.Accuracy for EDM: 0.002mm

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  • Metal Insert Injection Molding

    Metal Insert Injection Molding

    A form of plastic injection molding, insert molding is the process of molding or forming plastic parts around other, non-plastic parts (inserts). Inserts are commonly simple metal objects, such as...

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  • Insert Injection Molding

    Insert Injection Molding

    The versatility of insert molding makes it popular for creating a broad range of devices. It is especially useful for the medical industry, where it is used to produce everything from surgical...

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  • Metal Insert Molding

    Metal Insert Molding

    While the basic process of custom Metal insert molding is relatively simple, involving only a handful of key elements, the mastery of this process that Stack Plastics has achieved is considerably...

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  • Injection Molding with Metal Inserts

    Injection Molding with Metal Inserts

    1. Receive 3D drawings or plastic crisper samples from clients.
    2. Discussion on the quality,price,material,delivery time,etc.
    3. According to customers requirements to make .

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