Automotive Injection Mold

  • Plastic Molded Parts

    Plastic Molded Parts

    heating systems and other components. Injection molds are widely used in the encapsulation of electrical components. Compression mold manufacturing materials and injection molds are basically the...

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  • Insert Molding Process

    Insert Molding Process

    Precision plastic mold parts free forging process can be divided into basic processes, auxiliary processes and fine earned three major categories of processes. The auxiliary process is the...

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  • Plastic Injection Molding Insert

    Plastic Injection Molding Insert

    We have more than 60 professional and skilled technicians ;10 master of optical profile grinding ,CNC milling, mirror EDM, wire EDM who were more than five years experiences working in...

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  • Multi Material Injection Molding

    Multi Material Injection Molding

    Forwa mould is able to offer the full range of service from mold designing, making, plastic part molding to printing, assembly, package, and shipping arrangement.

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  • Precision Molding Parts

    Precision Molding Parts

    Our Advantage:
    1) Competitive factory price with good quality.
    2) Low MOQ (1pcs rapid prototype samples available!).

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  • Automotive Connector Mold Parts

    Automotive Connector Mold Parts

    Hymolding Co.,Ltd, was established and growing up in Dongguan With our professional and experienced team, in mould parts field, we have become one of the top suppliers in South China. Providing...

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