Automotive Plastic Injection Molding

Automotive Plastic Injection Molding

The Part Name: Mold insert
Mold type: Automotive plastic injection molding
Part Material: As per your demand

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Automotive plastic injection molding Description: 

The Part Name: Mold insert

Mold type: Automotive plastic injection molding

Part Material: As per your demand

Ejection Type: Ejection pins, ejection sleeves.

Mold Construction Description: Cold runner with sub gate, 2 plate mold with sliders, lifters, inserts, and shut off area. 

Automotive plastic injection molding is made of POM plastic material and it is one of the components of the reputation brand electronic parts. The mold construction is complicated and there are many inserts, sliders, lifters and ejector pins, so it has a very high technical requirement for mold design. The mold is a cold runner mold with the best water cooling system and the part can be molded by automatically. 

This part has very high size requirements, the defect showed below will not be acceptable, for example, weld line, dark spot , sliver marks, gas traps effect, visible ejection marks, deformation, short shot filling, burnt streaks, sink marks, flash, over dimension, under dimension, street crack etc, moreover, the product finishing surface must meet the requirements of MT11010. 

If this mold with hot runner, the mold key advantages showed below:

1. Clamping pressure can be lower

2. Cycle time is faster

3. Injection pressure can be lower

4. Injection gate are on better locations

5. Output increased

6. Possibility of contamination is lessened with no runners

7. Problems on nozzle freeze or sprue sticking are eliminated

8. Production steps are shortened

9. Regrinding is eliminated

10. Runner scrap eliminated or reduced图片6.jpg

Why Chose Us:

We get certification of ISO 9001; and get Intellectual property management system certification; and we also get reward from Dongguan govement.


1. Imported high-class material from america, Japan, Sweden, etc. prolong your mould lifespan.. 

2. Our talent: 60 professional and skilled technicians and 10 master of optical profile grinding ,CNC milling, mirror EDM, wire EDM. 

3. our process skills are leading in the whole industry in mould machining field such as EDM and PG optical profile grinding. 

4. We specializes in precision lead frame mould , precision progressive stamp mould and precision plastic mould part. 

5. We has experienced engineers and offer advanced R&D service, your inquire would get prompt responses within 24 hours. 

6. High Speed CNC (Fanuc ) milling machines mainly make the electrodes and precise cubic curve product, which precision reach to 0.002mm. And our program master design the electrode and the CNC workshop produces it in house, which greatly ensures EDM precision, quality and fast delivery 

7. Sodick EDM machines enable us to ensure EDM accuracy within 0.005mm.For special parts surface roughness , Jinteng Precision Mould could handle the Sodick EDM machines, which reach to from Ra 0.15 to mirror surface. 

8. Sodick wire-cutting EDM and one Sodick oil cutting EDM machines, they ensure general tolerance within 0.005mm, flatness,verticality,and linearity within 0.002mm. 

9. ISO 9001:2008 system certificated and operated. 

10.Quick response to your inquiries, precision manufacturing and on-time delivery.

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